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National Taiwan University is a comprehensive research institute that is based on a complete and integrated academic foundation. The University's students and faculty are among the most excellent in the nation, and its motto of “Integrity, Diligence, Fidelity, and Compassion” have served as the bedrock in its pursuit of educational, research, as well as administrative excellence. With its foundation rooted in such ideals, NTU continues to provide a diverse, competitive, and international curriculum, while insisting on a strong academic training for cutting-edge research and development. It also actively seeks opportunities to collaborate with industries in the private sector so as to fulfill its social responsibilities of giving back to society. As one of the world's preeminent research and education institutes providing leadership and academic excellence in a wide array of disciplines, NTU's vision for the future is to ultimately advance as the number one Chinese language university, as well as to be listed among the best of all international universities. Established

  • 1928 as Taihoku Imperial University
  • 1945 as National Taiwan University

Faculty (as of 2013)

  • Full-time Faculty: 2,044
  • Part-time Faculty: 1,911

Students (as of 2013)

  • Undergraduate: 16,588
  • Master's: 10,989
  • Doctorate: 4,591
  • Total: 32,168

Academic and Research Units

  • NTU is made up of 11 Colleges, 54 departments, and 105 graduate institutes, granting around 8,000 degrees annually. The University also boasts a number of international and national research centers, as well as over three dozen university-level research centers.


  • The University's campus stretches approximately 34,283 hectares across the whole of Taiwan, with the Main Campus located in the heart of the nation’s capital, Taipei City.
  • Main Campus
  • College of Medicine and University Hospital
  • University Farm
  • Chubei Branch
  • Yinlin Branch
  • Xitou Experimental Farm

Motto "Integrity, Diligence, Fidelity, and Compassion" Honors 1 Nobel Laureate, 3 heads of state Library Collection Includes over 4 million volumes, 40 thousand periodical selections, and over 1 million collections of various forms.


NTU College of Management was founded in 1987. In retrospect, the development of the College can be divided into four main stages: the rudimentary stage, the growing stage, the expansion stage, and the stage of innovation and excellence. Under the leadership of both the present and past deans, the College is now comprised of the Department and Graduate Institute of Business Administration, Department and Graduate Institute of Accounting, Department and Graduate Institute of Finance, Department and Graduate Institute of International Business, Department and Graduate Institute of Information Management, Global MBA Program, Executive MBA Program, and an English-taught undergraduate program in Business Administration. NTU College of Management is home to 109 outstanding full-time faculty members, many of whom graduated from the world’s top universities, such as Stanford University, Yale University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, Northwestern University, and so forth. Regarding academic research, more than 100 papers are published annually by professors of the College in SSCI and SCI journals, an achievement, along with a steady growth, that has consolidated the international standing of the College. As of 2012, the student population is around 3,600, all of whom are promising elites for the advancement of tomorrow. In the past few years, the College has actively engaged in the promotion of international academic exchanges and in the formulation of strategies for internationalization, both resulting in the winning of a wide range of acclaims from the international academia. In 2010, NTU College of Management was officially accredited by the AACSB International, an honor that has helped the College stay abreast of high-quality research and education among top-tier business schools worldwide. Since 2010, the College has actively launched a series of initiatives for internationalization, which include the signing of MOUs on dual degree programs with Beijing University and Fudan University of Mainland China and building partnerships with strategic partner universities in the U.S. and Hong Kong in terms of deepening cooperation and promoting the sharing of global academic resources. Meanwhile, the College has cooperated with renowned domestic enterprises in the development of the world’s first business school which has incorporated cloud technology into teaching and learning through the creation of an academic program on cloud computing application. In all, the College spares no efforts in striving to strengthen its global standing among the world’s top business schools.


Our vision is to become one of the leading management schools in the Asia region and attain global recognition for its outstanding education and research.


The mission of the College is to cultivate the academic and business sectors through a high quality ecosystem which facilitates learning and innovation. These enhanced impacts include

  • Educational impact
  • Academic impact
  • International impact
  • Industrial impact
  • Social impact

Core Values (TAIDA)

  • Teamwork (團隊合作)
  • Accountability (負責任)
  • Integrity (誠信正直)
  • Diligence (勤勉)
  • Ambition & Vision (抱負與遠見)

Bringing together top-notch talents and co-establishing a world-class College of Management

While the university’s overall strategy for internationalization aims for a 33% student participation (roughly 1/3; mainly undergraduate-level) in short-term overseas studies, the College of Management is eagerly pushing for a 100% student participation through a wide array of exchange opportunities available to them. NTU College of management expects its students to become not only leaders of domestic businesses but highly sought-after business professionals in Asia and other parts of the world, guiding enterprises through corporate transformations and global strategic mapping, strengthening Taiwan’s impact on world economy, and honoring their alma mater with their achievements, in turn attesting to the status of NTU College of Management as being the premier business school in the Mandarin-speaking world.



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