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ESEM, is a Business School with international business programs. It was created in Madrid in 1968 with the aim of forming academically in the areas of Marketing, Management, Administration and Management, professionals capable of satisfying the current and future needs of the company and the market.

We have the following educational program:

  • Master in Management of Sports Entities and Master in Sports Coaching
  • MBA in Business Management, Administration and Administration (DAGE)
  • Master in Marketing and Commercial Management (MM)
  • Higher Diploma in Marketing and Commercial Management
  • Executive MBA in Business Management (EXE)
  • MBA in Specialty Management in the Health and Pharmaceutical Industry (FARMA)


Since 1968, ESEM has successfully offered specialized training to executives with relevant professional experience and young people who have started their work. More than 40,000 international professionals have passed through our classrooms, where in addition to their training, they have achieved an exchange of practical knowledge, thus fulfilling our philosophy ... "learning by doing"

The objective of these programs is the training in all the practical tools and necessary elements for the Commercial Marketing Management, Commercial Management, Financial Management, Human Resources Management and General Management of a Multinational Company. The programs and their contents are eminently practical.

The dream and challenge of every professional, will be fulfilled successfully with all these programs, because depending on the profile of the student, so we will advise you by which program to opt.

Do not hesitate, I invite you to get to know all ESEM courses and programs, and with your professionalism and training, we can share experiences together and the possibility of programming an MBA for you.

We wait for you

Francisca Adelantado Aliaga



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