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Esden Business School was founded in 1996 with the mission to offer a post-graduate training quality, with the highest academic rigor and from a conception of the person and of society deep ethical roots. With an innovative academic methodology, and always close to the business world, more than 7,000 students have been trained in our classrooms acquiring the skills needed to become leaders of the future capabilities.

VALUES We share the values ​​of business schools international benchmark for cutting-edge training, promotion of talent, development of critical and creative thinking, and, especially, the entrepreneurial spirit, we intend to be the management style that we teach our students .

NEAR THE BUSINESS WORLD Our goal is fully professional development of our students, either through their venture, either as an essential part of the growth of other organizations. This aspect requires us to keep the pulse with the market leaders, knowing it poses the needs and demands exist in terms of skills, knowledge and abilities. We facilitate the development of professional practices for students who begin a career or change their activity as well as a Job in continuous movement for our students and alumni.

FACULTY No doubt the group of professionals who make up the faculty of Esden Business School is one of the main pillars that underpin our success and our students. All teachers are great experts in the subjects they teach, their knowledge comes from his professional experience linked to the business world, and ultimately to their daily lives, real cases that transmit with passion and demonstrated teaching skills to students in classrooms.

INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS The international character is one of the hallmarks of our business school since its inception. This understanding of teaching involves the promotion of mobility and internationalization, both students and teachers. Esden Business School has agreements with two leading Supreme Audit Institutions that exist today worldwide: London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) (London) and Istituto Marangoni School of Fashion (Milan). Through the agreement between Esden Business School and these two renowned institutions, our students can access training of the highest recognized level worldwide, taught by their teachers and developed at the headquarters they have in England and Italy respectively, and certainly is a unique experience in their careers. Furthermore, with the aim of expanding academic opportunities Esden Business School has signed agreements with internationally renowned universities such as the Anahuac University and the University Tec de Monterrey of Mexico or the University Externado and Jorge Tadeo Lozano University of Colombia.

ACADEMIC METHODOLOGY Since its birth, Esden Business School has established itself as a Business School with an innovative academic methodology. We based on the Reverse method Aulas invested in Esden Business School, we make use of new technologies so that our students can maximize their time and dedication, we use online media, videos, technical notes and bibliography for individual student work, and allocate the contact hours at lectures, teamwork, case discussion and Master classes of our teachers. The student acquires the necessary skills and abilities within its scope, achieving their goals guided by the academic staff of the School.


Esden Business School is currently present in 4 countries with 6 campus.

We have campuses in Madrid (Spain), Barcelona (Spain), Bilbao (Spain), Mexico City (Mexico) and Bogota (Colombia).

GLOBAL NETWORK ALUMNI In the Alumni Network, EsdenAlumni of Esden Business School you will find the latest news, useful information, training ... and most importantly: get in touch with all the students who pass through our classrooms, alumni and of course, professionals from all sectors.

People who pass through our classrooms acquire the status of alumni and once completed their Masters or MBA, Esden Business School, accompanies all alumni throughout their careers by offering seminars, specialization programs, networking and facilitating the relationship among them all. In addition Esden Business School manages a dynamic work bag with key partner companies and directly related to the academic offerings.

ASSOCIATIONS Esden Business School belongs to the main Associations of Business Schools in the different areas in which it operates.

Esden Business School is a member of: Latin American Council of Management Schools (CLADEA) Spanish Association of Business Schools (AEEN)

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Global MBA

Global mba

Online & Campus Combined Part time 9 months November 2019 Spain Madrid Bilbao Barcelona + 2 more

In this program we aim to add value to your career (communication, teamwork, reporting, analytical approach, public presentations, professional maturity, etc.) and we intend to develop your entrepreneurial talent, both to apply it in the start up of new business projects, so that becomes your unique management style ... [+]

In this program we aim to add value to your career (communication, teamwork, reporting, analytical approach, public presentations, professional maturity, etc.) and we intend to develop your entrepreneurial talent, both to apply it in the start up of new business projects, so that it becomes your unique management style.


The MBA is aimed at professionals with demonstrable experience, looking to improve their habilididades beyond your area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise, expanding career opportunities and gain recognition in a business environment increasingly competitive.

The program adapts to the characteristics of this public through the MBA Global mode.

Approach and Methodology ... [-]