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Vatel Sofia Hotel Management & Tourism Business School

Vatel Sofia Hotel Management & Tourism Business School

Vatel Sofia Hotel Management & Tourism Business School


Employment rate for Vatel alumni at the end of the degree at Vatel

The employment rate for Vatel alumni is high, mainly due to all the professional experience they have accumulated during their schooling, both at school and during their internships. Trained in hotel management careers by weeks of theoretical courses followed by professional experience, recruitment officers appreciate their strategic and operational profiles.

The employment rate of Vatel alumni in hotel management (in % of alumni)



+ 3 months

+ 6 months

+ 12 months

Bachelor in International hotel management

Fixed term contract




Open-ended contract







MBA in International hotel management

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    Campus Features

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Sofia, Bulgaria's capital city, is a thriving and fascinating location for international students. Sofia is a city of contrasts, integrating a rich cultural legacy with a modern and vibrant atmosphere. It has a rich history dating back over 2,000 years. You will have access to world-class universities and research organizations, as well as a flourishing arts and culture scene, as a student in Sofia. You will have the opportunity to see the city's many art spaces and museums, enjoy its authentic cuisine, and enjoy its vibrant nightlife. Sofia is also a budget-friendly location, with a more affordable cost of living than many other European cities. This implies that you'll be able to make the most delight in every aspect the city has to offer.

    International atmosphere in Sofia

    Sofia is a populated city, including international students and tourists. Locals are respectful and open to socialization. However, most of them don’t speak English. The Bulgarian language uses the Cyrillic alphabet, so you may need to learn some basic information before arriving in Sofia.

    Among the students, English is widely spoken and the young community might be helpful when it comes to precious tips about the capital of Bulgaria.

    Weather Sofia

    The climate in Sofia is balanced, with cold and snowy winters and sunny, warm summers. Springs and autumns don’t last long and they may include rains with storms. Average temperatures are 5°C in January and 28°C in July.


      Admissions Procedure

      1. You contact the Vatel Campus of your choice
      2. You send your completed application form and all other documents requested back to the school.
      3. The school will study your file, and should you be admissible, will invite you to the next entrance exam.
      4. You take the entrance exam in the school you would like to attend.
      5. You will receive your results within a few days.
      6. Your admission will be validated after an interview with the school director of the school you would like to attend.


      Vatel receives the "Best Hotel Management School" award from a professional jury

      Competing against 42 other schools, Vatel Group and all its campuses throughout the world won the “Best Hotel Management School” award from an international jury composed of professionals in the hospitality industry in the Worldwide Hospitality Awards ceremony.

      Global recognition is expressed by those who recruit Vatel alumni throughout the world.


      • Sofia

        Building D, 1F 115 M Tsarigradsko shose Blvd. Sofia, Bulgaria, 1784, Sofia


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