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The IEC was founded in 2011 by Dr. Mario Vaupel – a business executive with over 20 years of experience.

Our Goals

Professionally and enthusiastically, the IEC staff and its associated partners pursue the promotion of two challenging goals: 1. First, to strengthen the creative role of employees and executives via innovative and transfer-oriented development programmes. 2. Second, to promote the awareness and competences of employees and executives to deal with economic, social, and ecological challenges. To accomplish these objectives, the required profile of the IEC staff and its associated partners is extremely high. The staff of the IEC is not only specialized in programme management but also experienced in technical and methodological areas of competence. This high profile guarantees the implementation of the programmes based on up-to-date knowledge, future-oriented technology, and impact-oriented methodology.

Guiding Principle

With innovative and transfer-oriented study as well as certificate programmes the Institute of Executive Capabilities (IEC) strengthens the capability of employees and executives to handle increasing performance requirements based on future-oriented competences, mindsets, and practices. All programmes offered by the IEC are guided by the idea of strengthening the creative role of employees and executives and in particular their economic, social and ecological responsibility.

The Steinbeis Foundation

The Steinbeis Foundation is an institution promoting the transfer of technology and knowledge between universities and the industry. The foundation was named after Ferdinand von Steinbeis (1807-1893) - an economic politician from Baden-Wurttemberg, who established the basis for the dual education system in medium-sized enterprises.

The Steinbeis Network

The Steinbeis network comprises around 750 specialists Steinbeis transfer centers, consulting centers, research centers, transfer institutes and limited liability companies in Germany and worldwide.


  • Steinbeis-Hochschule Institute of Executive Capabilities (IEC) Ernst-Augustin-Str. 15 12489 Berlin, 12489, Berlin

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