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SMS - Sports Management School

SMS - Sports Management School

SMS - Sports Management School


Sports Management School is an international school specializing in Sports Management . Its positioning as a “Pure player” exclusively focused on Sport Business gives it real experience in all areas related to this universe, in particular trade and distribution, marketing, communication and the organization of sporting events.

Our goal is to train young professionals and managers in sport. Founded in 2010, Sports Management School already has 300 students and more than 100 graduates, with a 90% integration rate in companies in the sector after their graduation.

Why Choose Sports Management School?

Our key success factors

A powerful network of partners

All partner companies are committed and involved on a daily basis in the educational mission of the school:

  • Professionalization contracts and internships
  • Conferences, educational missions and projects
  • Real cases of companies supervised by teachers
  • Recruitment forums

A growing sport sector

With a growth rate of 6% per year , the sports business sector is growing.

In 2015, 90% of graduate students were employed in the sports sector .

International openness, as obvious

We train the international managers of tomorrow, multilingual and with an international profile.

  • Academic exchanges (16 partner universities (Australia, Canada, Spain)
  • Intensive English course
  • Semesters taught in English
  • LV2 required
  • TOEFL and TOEIC exams

"Corporate Culture" at the heart of pedagogy

Our students are fully involved in business, through various professionalization missions:

  • Real business cases
  • Market studies, sales missions and prospecting
  • Volunteering and external projects in companies

Personalized supervision for each student

From the 1st semester of study, the school supervises and builds each person's personal project around personalized follow-up. Our commitment to success:

  • the professional project
  • personal development
  • the provision of the services of a certified, external and independent coach to SMS.

The Careers Department mobilizes and guides future managers in their future in business.

The work-study program: A strong proximity to the company

From the 2nd year, our students carry out their work-study training, in the form of a professionalization contract or an alternate internship . Their weeks are divided between courses and work in the company.

The mentor: A student, a sponsor !

Each student is individually sponsored by a personality from the world of sport.

His "mentor" is responsible for helping him build his network and build his personal project.


  • Paris

    11, rue de Cambrai, 75019, Paris