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LISAA School of Design is a Grande Ecole on a human scale. Founded in 1986 by Michel Glize, today LISAA is a reference in the world of applied arts education.

Having studied architecture, Michel Glize wanted to create a workshop for students preparing for the competitive exams for entry into the Grande Ecole art schools. As such, he established the Atelier de Sèvres in 1979. In the wake of this success, he went on to found LISAA, originally offering courses in spatial design and fashion design. At this time, there were only four schools in Paris offering design courses. LISAA rapidly became a reference in the field. With teaching oriented towards new technology, a stable team of teaching staff and a particular attention paid to the professional insertion of students, the school grew quickly, attracting recognized professionals (with personalities such as Sonia Rykiel participating as judges in viva examinations) and new branches being founded outside of Paris: “LISAA opened schools in Paris, Rennes, Nantes and Strasbourg and recently in New Delhi and Bangalore in India. At the heart of small workshops on a human scale, in schools in the city center, students acquire the knowledge and techniques that allow them to integrate the professional world.” Today LISAA is an institution, recognized not only in the professional milieu but also by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. With 2200 students, spread over seven different sites, LISAA is one of the biggest French design schools. Its international network constitutes a reference for businesses. More than 200 work placement and job offers go online every month. Established in 1986, LISAA is today one of the biggest design schools in France. The school provides students with the possibility to express their design talents in the fields of fashion, interior architecture, design, graphic design, video games or animation.


LISAA is one of the few private further education institutes to be recognized by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. The courses taught at LISAA cover all fields in the design profession and are certified by state diplomas (BTS) and qualifications listed on the French Register of Professional Certifications (RNCP) (level II/ Bac+3/4 years of further education)


Our staff is not only teachers but also active professionals. This foundation in the reality of the market and the continuous evolution of practices and trends allows LISAA to reach a success rate that is significantly higher than the national average, particularly for the BTS qualifications.


Teaching at LISAA is founded on the constant interaction between students, teachers, and professionals, supplemented by workshops, viva exams, and work placements. LISAA is one the most valued schools by recruiters, who attend the end of year viva exams to seek future talents. As a result, six months after graduating, 82% of LISAA alumni have found employment in the sector in which they conducted their studies.


LISAA focuses on lessons in the format of workshops—a style of teaching where exchange and discussion are at the center of learning. Throughout their studies at LISAA, each student benefits from individual tutor support. Directors of Studies and teachers are always available to listen to their students. They conduct one-to-one meetings and personalized assessments to enable each student to progress in the best way and at their own rhythm.


The school maintains contact with graduates, who are the most active links in LISAA’s professional network. Their experiences help to train graduates to be ever increasingly adapted to the job market and also allow recent graduates to find job openings.


LISAA’s reputation is built on exchanges with the outside world. Established in Paris and regional France, LISAA has also opened schools internationally. Admission to LISAA Paris for international students is dependent on the presentation of a portfolio of personal work and a face-to-face interview. Each student’s artistic and technical capability is evaluated, in addition, above all, to their curiosity, artistic knowledge, motivation and suitability with regards the specifics of disciplines in the applied arts.


  • Paris Fashion 13 rue Vauquelin, 75005 , Paris

  • Paris Interior Architecture & Design 8 square Henri Delormel , 75014, Paris

  • Paris Graphic Design 62 boulevard Arago, 75013, Paris

  • Paris Animation & Video Games 7 rue Armand Moisant , 75015, Paris