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European School of Data Science and Technology - ESDST

European School of Data Science and Technology - ESDST

European School of Data Science and Technology - ESDST


ESDST is the data school of Rushford Business School accredited by the James Lind Institute. The school offers higher degree programs in Data Science and Technology, the degree of which is awarded by Rushford Business School.

Our faculty and mentors are data scientists and work in reputed positions in the industry. We teach using applied methodology with real data set and the degree concludes with a consulting capstone project. This is done with an aim to foster our students to be world-class top-level managers and data scientists.

Our flexible academic delivery allows students to choose our programs based on their time commitment. Our 100% online programs are well-suited to students from all across the world. Our programs are designed to provide online equivalency to a regular university program by leveraging world-class technology, international data science experts, and the best quality education.

ESDST aims to promote technical education and research in the domain of data science, business analytics, and cutting-edge technologies. The programs at ESDST provide a distinguished advantage to the management and technical students by empowering them to utilize data and technology to solve real-world problems efficiently and effectively. Data and Technology have become an integral part of one’s living, therefore, an appreciation of these two is imperative in all segments of human living – be it a personal or professional life.

The programs are offered in both, online and blended mode. Students have an option to choose the mode based on their convenience. For all blended components, an online equivalent is also provided, therefore, in whatever part of the world you are living, you are able to select your programs and study with us.

We recognize both; previous degrees and previous experience amassed by the learners at all levels. It is taken into consideration at the time of admission depending upon the type and duration of the program.

Why ESDST is an excellent choice for you!

ESDST Advantage

ESDST focuses on an outcome-based approach, where consistent efforts are to empower learners to achieve the learning outcomes which make you industry-ready. ESDST truly believes in sustainable academics that prepare learners for life and not only for an entry-level position which most business schools do

Our MOTTO lies in RIIL, which empower its enthusiast to leave no stone unturned to nurture themselves as a professional and as a human being.

Responsible Academics

  • Quality Education – As pioneers in quality education, we maintain a level of studies that ensure students pass at the required level after possessing the required skills. Our partner Universities are already accredited best for their quality education like Swiss EduQua, and their associations with international accreditation bodies.
  • Flexible Academic Delivery – Our online and blended academic delivery model with an adequate blend of synchronous and asynchronous inputs allows you to plan your learning initiatives. Content is available 24X7 through your e-campus.

Information Technology

  • Data-Driven Decisions – Data and information technology have become an integral part of everyone’s personal and professional life. ESDST prepares you for making data-driven decisions, which makes your recommendations stand out in comparison to your colleagues.
  • MS Excel – Every ESDST learner will be an expert in MS Excel, which is one of the free tools to improve your work productivity.
  • Coding and Tools – Depending upon which program are you choosing, you will learn coding in R or Python, and other various tools for instance to make your dashboards.

Industry Integration

  • Mentorship – Each ESDST learner will be allocated an industry mentor, with whom you will be able to plan your personalized career path.
  • Placement Services – Besides skill which is required for placement, ESDST provides you an academic coach who helps you with your CV, LinkedIn profile, building interview skills. Along with that, our industry cell provides a platform to improve your profile visibility with the industry. With skills and interview opportunities, we are sure to have you placeable.
  • Industry Networking Events – Learning from industry experts is an integral part of this program. Regular guest sessions will be organized where you will have an opportunity to break out and discuss with the guest. Networking will be a key consideration during blended programs. Even many modules will be co-taught by industry experts, thereby allowing you various platforms to learn from industry experts, and yes, not to forget mentoring mentioned earlier.
  • Consulting Capstone Project– How about working on a real business problem, fetching data, and recommending solutions to the company as a business consultant? Existing, right. This is a featured part of the degree programs. Unlike any other business school, which just provides you an opportunity for a master thesis, ESDST provides you an opportunity to collaborate with a company to solve their business problems.

Life Skills

  • Cross-cultural environment – ESDST is an international institute where all students across the world will be studying together. Imagine working on a cross-country project, the learning will be immense. Companies spend millions of dollars on cross-cultural sensitization, but you will have it from your studies only.
  • Leadership Skills – Your study plan is in your hands. You are working while studying, therefore, planning ahead for all components of academic delivery as well your work front. These organizational skills enhance your planning and self-motivational skills.
  • Soft skills and Communication – Communication makes a leader stand out from other professionals. Your written communication will get better with every progressing module, and your verbal communication will advance with forum discussion opportunities.

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