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Thanks to our commitment, CMI is a signatory to the Global Compact and a member of the UN academic network PRME (Principles for Responsible Education in Management) to promote Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability. CMI is an Institute in continuous evolution that provides the latest advances in responsible management of companies and organizations . Our prestige and commitment is endorsed by entities such as the Spanish Association of Social Responsibility Executives (DIRSE)

Currently, in our own masters impart catalog title five and students have the opportunity to choose the mode that best suits them with other activities, you can choose from weekly classroom, blended face biweekly, or 100% online.


The purpose of existence of the WCC is to contribute to the awakening of society to create a new and better world through research, development and innovation and the integral education of the human being.

We are based on a new training in organizational management placing the fundamental pillar in the integrity of the human being and in the responsibility of all people with society and nature, to contribute to solving the challenges of our time.


The future plans of the WCC are to contribute globally to achieve a society in peace and harmony with the environment through the formation of conscious leaders, that is, full and responsible.

The vision of the CMI is to be a global benchmark in teaching, consulting and entrepreneurship related to the leadership and conscious management of people and organizations.


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