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Sharing land borders with Saudi Arabia and Oman and sea borders with Pakistan, Iran and Qatar, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a fairly new country (est. 1971) comprised of seven emirates (principalities) each governed by an emir who, as a group, comprise the UAE's Federal Supreme Council. Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE, Arabic is its official language and Islam is the official religion. Due to its massive oil and gas reserves, the UAE enjoys a high income economy and substantial trade surplus. Dubai is the UAE's most populous city and is also considered the business gateway to Africa and West Asia, fueling an economy only second to Saudi Arabia, with a GDP of over $370 billion annually. In addition, the UAW has been ranked in the top 20 best nations to do business with, based on its regulatory environment and growing economy.

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Earning a Business Degree in the United Arab Emirates Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees in business and business specialties are available in the UAE at public and private universities. The Commission for Academic Accreditation has been established by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to ensure proper licensure is applied to higher education institutions as well as their degree programs. In addition to universities, the UAE also has international universities called global partnerships that are located in special zones called Academic City and the Dubai Knowledge Village. Global partnerships are multi-university complexes that cater to area students who, for whatever reason, cannot study abroad but want to gain an educational experience similar to studying abroad. Tuition Fees and Length of Degree Programs Degree program lengths are equivalent to European program lengths, with a Bachelor of Arts taking three to four years and a Master's taking another one or two years. Completion time for doctorate degrees depends on the area of specialization that the student pursues, with some areas requiring more academic research than others. Tuition fees are much higher in the UAE than most other countries. Although there is financial aid for students who qualify, many do not qualify simply because per capita income is well above average and gas/energy prices are low. Why Earn a Business Degree in the UAE ? The higher education system in the UAE has expanded and evolved significantly over the past decade and now offers a wide variety business degrees, from a BA in Applied Business and Global Economy to a Master's degree in International Business or Marketing and Finance. Employment opportunities do exist but competition is fierce among companies looking to hire only the best and brightest UAE degree holders.


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