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South Africa is a diverse country. It sits along the southern most coastline of the African continent near Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe. It is a multi-ethnic country with an incredibly diverse background and culture. There are 11 official languages here, including English, which is commonly used for public and commercial needs. It has close to 53 million people calling it home, and has become the second largest economy in Africa. There are many reasons to study in the country even as an international student.

Study Business in South Africa

International students who wish to enroll in South African universities are often welcomed. The country's highest ranking university, the University of Cape Town, is ranked 145 in the world. The University of Witwatersrand and Stellenbosch are two additional options for students to consider. These schools all offer business studies, as well as other areas of focus. What Are the Business Studies Options in South Africa? Students who wish to study business can do so by focusing on completing their undergraduate degree at university or by continuing their education into the master's programs. The Master in Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most common options for students studying in South Africa as international students. This type of program focuses on management techniques, marketing, human resources, and business start up process, as well business law and finance. Students can expect to spend two to three years completing their MBA in South Africa. Part time and full time options are often available, though most international students enroll full time here. How Does a Student Enroll in Business Studies in South Africa? Students will need to obtain the necessary government allowances for enrolling as an international student. This is done through the Department of Home Affairs. The student needs to apply for temporary residence. Generally, gaining admittance into the business program through the desired school is the first step. most students will also help the student through this process. This process can take about 30 days, or sometimes longer, to occur. Once the student applies and obtains his or her student visa, it is then possible to travel to the country. What Are the Options for International Students After Graduation? South Africa is a diverse and growing country. It is a strong economic force in the area. However, it is not a wealthy country and unemployment is high in many areas. While there are opportunities for those who have graduated with honors, there is no guarantee of employment in South Africa after graduation. Nevertheless, these schools are recognized in most other countries as accredited.

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