MBA in Business Modeling and Development


Program Description

MBA in Business Modeling and Development


Graduates of MUIC’s MBA in Business Modeling and Development are well-equipped with both theoretical and practical aspects of business modeling and development and its strategic applications in real business situations and with the tools necessary to succeed and complete in the dynamic business world.


In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, many corporations are looking for new qualities in their existing and newly hired employees. Those with scientific minds, who are forward-thinking individuals with a strong vision for the future, are much sought after by leading companies. However, professionals who are capable of analyzing business data and producing the number of sound strategic decisions represent a small number of many MBA graduates. In order to respond to the growing demand of business worldwide, MUIC decided to offer the MBA in Business Modeling and Development degree program, with the aim of producing professional graduates who are equipped with strong qualitative and quantitative business analytical skills.


To produce graduates who have the characteristics, knowledge, and skills as follows:

  1. Have the knowledge relating to theories, principles, and approaches to business management in overall picture and in the field of business modeling and development;
  2. Have analytical, quantitative, and decision-making skills which lead to successful careers in business, government or private sectors;
  3. Can create and present research findings on business modeling and development correctly and in accordance with ethical principles of research;
  4. Have a well-developed ability to effectively use English outside Thailand and/or in an international business context;
  5. Be responsible and able to work with others both in the role of leader and follower;
  6. Have ethical and socially responsible minds, and the ability to choose the most ethical action in sensitive circumstances; and
  7. Have the ability to use information technology to communicate, search and present correctly;

Admission Criteria

  • Bachelor’s degree in any field
  • Prospective students with at least 1 year of work experience should have a Bachelor’s degree with a GPA of 2.50 or above.
  • Prospective students with no work experience should have a Bachelor’s degree with a GPA of 3.00 or above.
  • TOEFL 550 (or equivalent), IELTS 6.0, or pass the English Proficiency Test
  • Pass the Interview, the Business English Writing Test, and the Quantitative Test.

Students who have graduated from an international program are exempted from the English Proficiency Test.

For more information, please contact:

Mr. Nutthaboon Pornratthanacharoen


Call: +66818286209


Established in 1986, Mahidol University International College (MUIC) was Thailand’s first international bachelor degree program at a public university, with its mission to produce well-rounded graduates who are not only knowledgeable in their chosen fields but also able to use that knowledge for the benefit of humankind.

MUIC maintains a strong liberal arts focus and promotes a learning culture that prepares its students to meet the challenges of living and working in a diverse and globalized world. Over 3,200 students are taught by a professional full and part-time faculty, 60 percent of whom are foreign nationals, with a student-teacher ratio of 28:1.

The academic calendar is based on a system of three trimesters, with each running for 12 weeks, and a brief summer session, during which the college offers 19 undergraduate degree programs in the arts, sciences, and administration, in addition to 22 minors, including Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Spanish and Thai.

MUIC also offers two graduate programs, a Master of Business Administration in Business Modeling and Development and a Master of Management in International Hospitality Management, at its Graduate Center, conveniently located in the heart of Bangkok’s business district.

In 2010 MUIC received the Best Practice Award for its exchange programs from Thailand’s Ministry of Education in recognition of its thriving Study Abroad Program for inbound international students and outbound candidates. The college enjoys exchange agreements with over 75 partner universities from North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania, in addition to informal agreements with over 100 universities and educational agencies around the world. International students from over 45 countries constitute 15 percent of the college’s student body.

MUIC has further elevated its regional and international profile through its Special Projects Program. Every year over 200 visiting students participates in short-term exchange agreements, such as formal instruction, conferences, workshops, field trips, and internships.

Given the challenges of our new world order, a well-rounded education can no longer be confined to the classroom setting. The MUIC Student Association and its satellite of clubs offer a variety of activities in which students can pursue their personal interests in sports, the martial arts, cycling, debate, music, art, volunteerism, and business case studies, among others, all of which enhance their interpersonal communication, team-building, and leadership skills. MUIC students also participate in national, regional and international conferences, seminars and competitions whereby they can develop their cross-cultural sensibilities.

The Thai Ministry of Commerce recently awarded MUIC the Thailand Trust Mark inasmuch as it exemplifies the highest international standards in education. This award is a validation of MUIC’s commitment to academic excellence and internationalism.

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About the School

In March of 1986, the Mahidol University Council officially endorsed the formation of a new international bachelor degree program, the first of its kind at a public university, designated at that time ... Read More

In March of 1986, the Mahidol University Council officially endorsed the formation of a new international bachelor degree program, the first of its kind at a public university, designated at that time as the International Students Degree Program (ISDP). Six months later, in September of l986, the program welcomed its first class of students. The beginning was a modest one – as most beginnings usually are. The facilities were situated on the second floor of the MU Social Science and Humanities Building, with 45 students, two full-time and 20 part-time instructors, a four-member support staff, seven major offerings in the Sciences and Travel Industry Management – and an abundance of hope and determination. During its initial years, ISDP grew and flourished, so much so that it eventually required its own separate facilities. In 1992 ISDP officially dedicated its new building, which accommodated 486 students, and introduced two additional majors in Business Administration and Food Science and Technology. The year 1996 constituted an important milestone. With approval from the Mahidol University Council, ISDP was officially designated Mahidol University International College (MUIC), giving it the full weight and stature of a faculty. Two years later, a six-story complex was completed in order to accommodate over 1,000 students. A new managerial style was introduced, in addition to an expansion of academic offerings, additional internships, including the Salaya Pavilion Hotel and Training Center, a pre-college program and the formation of offices that addressed both student and alumni needs.
 Over the ensuing years, there were additional developments in the college’s academic, physical and social landscapes: an ever-increasing student enrollment, new major programs, the promotion of a vibrant student exchange program and a further expansion of its physical facilities, including an eight-story extension. After 26 years, MUIC currently offers 19 undergraduate majors and 22 minors in the Arts, Sciences, and Management, along with two master degree programs, for approximately 3,200 students. Furthermore, the college is anticipating even greater student enrollments in the future. It has recently commissioned the construction of a new building, to be completed in 2015. With this new addition, MUIC will be able to accommodate up to 4,000 students. Meeting the challenges of our new world order will require continued resilience and innovation. The journey that began over two decades ago is far from over as Mahidol University International College continues to commit its full resources and energies to the pursuit of academic excellence. For more information, please contact: Mr. Nutthaboon Pornratthanacharoen Email: Call: +66818286209 Read less