An applicant must indicate MBA/MSET as a major on the Graduate School application. Graduate Admissions will send one copy of the submitted materials to the College of Business Administration and another copy to Dr. Michael Kozak.

In most cases, the student will be required to take background courses in business or engineering technology, but not both. However, a student who does not have an undergraduate degree in either business, engineering or engineering technology may have to take the background courses from both disciplines. Minimum admission standards of both disciplines must be met including GRE scores. The MBA and MSET program defined in this plan is only available to students that are seeking the joint degrees.

General Information

During the first semester, the student is to meet with Drs. Boyd-Lillie and Kozak and select a major professor of engineering technology. These two individuals will be responsible for the intellectual growth of the student through the program and for the development of the thesis research.

The MSET 5950, Master's Thesis is required. This is to be a joint effort of the College of Business and the Department of Engineering Technology. An industrial representative must also be part of the committee and selection of the same is the responsibility of the joint major professors and the student. An oral defense is required.

Members of the student's graduate committee will determine if the student is to take a written comprehensive examination in addition to the oral defense of the thesis. The written comprehensive examination for the MBA is satisfied by the completion of BUSI 5190 - Administrative Strategy.

Awarding of Degrees

Upon completion of the background courses in either business or engineering technology or both, the student will complete 24 hours of graduate courses in business and 24 hours of graduate courses in engineering technology. Twelve hours of the completed engineering technology courses will count as a concentration for the MBA and 12 hours of the completed business courses will count as a minor for the MSET. A student enrolled in this dual track program will receive both degrees at the same time.

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