The Executive Education Center at KIMEP University offers an Executive MBA degree, which is Central Asia’s leading MBA program for executives.

  • Students are top and mid-level managers from 18 different sectors and fields of the economy
  • The average monthly salary of program graduates is 2.5 times higher than the national average
  • Average salary increase within one year of program completion is 54%
  • The average return on investment in tuition is 100% within 1 year of graduation

Program Goals

  • Improvement of managerial skills
  • Enhancement of business options
  • Implementation of successful business strategies and tools for resolving business problems

International Accreditation and Global Rankings

  • Accredited by the Austrian Quality Assurance and Accreditation Agency (AQAAA), by the Federation of International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA) and by Asian Forum of Business Education (AFBE)
  • Accredited by the Independent Kazakh Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (IQAA)
  • High positions in EdUniversal Global Higher Education Ranking

Advantages of the Executive MBA Program

  • New career opportunities
  • Expansion of your horizons
  • Leadership skills and the ability to manage more efficiently
  • In-depth understanding of business, both in theory and in practice
  • Socializing and sharing the experience with other successful executives
  • First-hand experience from experts in specific business areas
  • Development and enhancement of strategic business task resolution skills
  • Implementation of best practices, new ideas, and innovations into your organization’s everyday operations
  • Improvement of decision making, negotiation and persuasion skills
  • Maximizing the efficiency and the effectiveness of your business processes, and, as a result, increasing overall enterprise revenue
  • Learning from the outstanding professors of KIMEP University and discussing the issues relevant to your company

Key Features of the EMBA Program


All instructors are PhD-qualified international faculty and prominent business experts.
The instructors bring a global perspective to the program by sharing their experience from different countries.


The program equips students with the most innovative managerial tools and benefits both professionals and organizations. It raises executive issues faced by today’s managers.


The program helps to address such challenges as the utilization of new tools and technology, modern organizational perspectives and business practices, the achievement of the business objectives, and monitoring of the business results.


The learning equipment includes wireless Internet connection, a web-accessible database of classroom materials, video-conferencing and optional simultaneous-translation support. An e-learning platform supports the core program courses. Computer labs are equipped with multimedia capabilities.


The curriculum considers diverse organizational requirements in the Central Asian and international contexts and thus, equips students with multi-angle vision in decision-making.


EMBA is a case-based learning, students work individually and in groups to generate business solutions and resolve business problems through the in-class discussions.

Cost and Time-Effective

Intensive seminars and studies increase the overall learning efficiency and help acquire the necessary skills and knowledge for further career success.
Each 3-credit course takes about three weekends to complete.

Application Process

List of documents required for admission:

  1. Application form (fill in through KIMEP website https://www.kimep.kz/ext/application/online//)
  2. Copy of your passport and National ID card
  3. Copy of your Diploma with transcript (with grades)
  4. 8 color photographs, matte, size 3×4
  5. Resume in the English language
  6. 2 recommendation letters
  7. Copy of Employment history book, attested by HR department (stamp of HR dept)
    For a corporate group of listeners (3 and more listeners) an official letter confirming that the employees belong to one organization is needed.
  8. 086 Reference with X-ray snapshot and its description, also a copy of 063 form (vaccination, for applicants of age 32 and under)
  9. Motivational letter (1 page A4), defining why you want to study for the program (in the English language)
  10. KEPT – KIMEP English language test
  11. SFLT – State foreign language test

Why Study for an EMBA at KIMEP University?


  • 4 prestigious accreditations
  • Included in the list of the 200 best graduate programs globally (according to the assessment of the EdUniversal international ranking agency)
  • International modules with 110 partner-universities
  • Experienced Western professors


  • 2 diplomas: a state diploma and the Western style diploma from KIMEP University
  • Master’s degree from the leading business school in Kazakhstan and Central Asia
  • European Diploma Supplement


  • An extensive network of business contacts
  • Close connections with industrial corporations (MNC& Kazakhstani market giants)
  • Eligibility to participate in Executive MBA Alumni events
  • Access to the KIMEP Leaders Forum


  • More than 10 majors
  • Curriculum geared toward real-life case-studies
  • Studying in 3 languages (including translation into Kazakh)
  • On-site training (we can travel to other regions in the country upon request)
  • Flexible schedule, without the necessity to pause or leave work (classes are held on weekends)

Executive MBA program can be delivered in your city (Astana, Aktau, Shymkent or elsewhere)

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