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Best EMBA Degrees in Porto in Portugal 2019/2020

Intended for professionals who already have significant hands-on knowledge, the postgraduate Executive MBA (EMBA) degree is designed to give students the tools necessary to progress in their careers. You can even work while studying, since the real-world experience enriches the learning environment.

Many employers prefer to hire people with a master’s degree, so students who have received a bachelor’s degree may want to consider continuing his or her education to get an MBA. The skills learned in this program may help scholars get a better job after graduation.

Porto is the second most populous city in Portugal after Lisbon with a population of about 1.3 million persons. The University of Porto is the top university in Portugal as it serves students from all over Europe and the world in general. There are many other technical colleges in Porto too.

Executive MBA Degrees in Porto in Portugal

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AESE – School for Management and Business

We have completed 10 years on the first edition of the Executive MBA AESE / IESE. The experience, increasingly rich, allows us to provide participants with intense learni ... [+]

Executive MBA AESE / IESE

We have completed 10 years on the first edition of the Executive MBA AESE / IESE. The experience, richer and richer, allows us to provide participants with intense learning, enhancing their professional and personal development.

Life and economic activity are worth a lot when the goal is to create well-being for all, putting the intelligence to innovate and to use efficiently the factors of production. By valuing a humanistic approach to the company, placing the person at the center of the organization, this Executive MBA seeks not only to respond to how things are done, but also to what they are done for.

One of the determining factors is the exchange of experiences and the learning of new realities, obtained in the close contact between the group of participants, selected by their maturity and professional experience; the other is the orientation of a national and international faculty of teachers - who investigate, teach and are protagonists in business reality - helping the participants to reason in depth and rigor and with a realistic and prudent sense.... [-]

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