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Austria is a country located in Central Europe, on the boarder of the Czech Republic and Germany. It is home to about 8.5 million people. The country is known for its resorts and relaxed lifestyle in the Alps region, but it is also a strong economy and an important cultural center point for the region. The area has a unique blend of cultures including German, Bavarian, Croatian, and Hungarian. Students who wish to study in Austria can often do so, but will need to understand their options and the process.

Study Business in Austria

What Type of Business Studies Programs Are Available in Austria? Austria provides a wide range of business studies programs. Students can enroll in a bachelor's degree. This type of program takes three to four years to complete. Many international students can enroll in the master's degree programs. MBA studies in Austria are much like those provided throughout the European Union. International students can often enroll in any of these programs. There are many types of MBA options available, including Global MBA and Executive MBA programs. Students can then specialize their degree to fit their specific needs, such as focused on international business, marketing, tourism, or public relations. How Much Does It Cost to Complete an MBA Program in Austria? The tuition for MBA programs range widely. In most cases, costs are about the same or slightly higher than other European schools. Most international students enroll in master's degree programs, which tend to cost more than bachelor's degree courses. These programs generally can be completed within two years. How Can International Students Enroll? Students who are interested in a specific school can submit an application directly to the school. The student then, upon approval and verification of his or her current credentials, can apply for admission into the country through a visa. After Graduating International students who graduate with a business studies degree in Austria may find employment in the country once they graduate. However, there is competition for such jobs. Students are often hired when they have extensive education in a very focused area of business studies. Education in Austria is considered high quality, which means that many students are able to use that education elsewhere. Austria graduate students can often find employment with the various companies that are present here. In addition to this, many may decide to open their own businesses.

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